A look at all the facts that implicate a new killer in Marking a Murderer an exonerate Steven Avery and Brendon Dassey

9 Facts That Implicate A New Murderer In The Teresa Halbach Case

After watching Making A Murderer 2, I am left yet again in shock at the disturbing truths hidden within the case files. For those who have not watched it yet and don’t want spoilers, you

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7 Instagram Mastery Tips To Optimize Your Following and Market Yourself

7 Instagram Mastery Tricks To Get You From 1 To 1000 Followers In Less Than A Month

So you’re wanting to use Instagram for your business and start spreading knowledge on the platform but you don’t know where to start right? Well with a platform that hosts 77.6 BILLION members, it really

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Free Easy And Effective Way To Find Your Target Market

One thing that you hear all the time when you’re in networking marketing is “you have to find your target market and approach them”. Well, let me tell you, I have been in network marketing

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How to get more people to see you pins, posts, and pictures on Pinterest and instagram!

The short and long term effects of living in a judgmental society that bullies

Plastic bags and their horrible effects on the environment

A MUST READ list of the simplest ways to make sure your significant other feels special. These will help a failing relationship or ensure that a relationship only gets stronger.

5 reasons that assure you cleansing is valid and not full of sh*t Plus, what happens to your body when you cleanse.

5 Reasons Why Cleanses Are Not Full Of S**t

There are so many trends that are going around the internet lately, but one that is consistent seems to be cleansing. I always get asked, why should I cleanse? What does cleansing do? Why is

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5 superfoods you should be incorporating into your diet. You do not know what you are missing! Recipes included.

5 Superfoods You Should Be Eating

With all these amazing “superfoods” its hard to know which one is actually beneficial or which ones are worth incorporating in your diet and which ones might be a little dangerous. That being said, I

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